About Hate Mail

This  beautiful School of ours has  ZERO  tolerance regarding hate mails. Please be careful of how you use this resource.

Thank you. 

Click the staff names (links) for the staff contact details.

Staff Contacts

Name Position
Contacting Our School General Contact
Mrs Sylvia Isabella Yirenkyi The Head
Assistant Head Academic Assistant Head (Academic)
Assistant Head Admin Assistant Head (Admin)
Accounts Dept. The Bursar
Language Dept. HO.D. Language Dept.
Mathematics Dept. H.O.D. Mathematics Dept.
General Science Dept. H.O.D. General Science Dept
Business Dept H.O.D. Business Dept.
Agriculture Dept. H.O.D. Agriculture Dept.
Visual Arts Dept. H.O.D. Visual Arts Dept.
Social Science Dept H.O.D. Social Science Dept.
Geography Dept. H.O.D. Geography Dept.
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