Head's Message

The 2013/2014 academic year has just begun and the school's academic work is on course. It seems to be a promising year. The current SHS1 students have reported to school and have really settled down very well.

The current crops of prefects have shown some style of administration. They are in full control of situations. Work is delegated and difficult tasks are channeled through the appropriate quarters for redress.

I confidently say that discipline has improved greatly. Students who excelled academically were given rewards during the recent General PT.A meeting held on the 9th of November 2013.

Departmental heads cannot be left out since some have come out with innovative measures of dealing with challenges in delivery in the classrooms.

Security in the school has tremendously improved though they are temporal. To Housemistresses' I say thumbs-up! You are very dedicated.

Class durbars held termly has helped in solving challenges encountered during teaching and also improving student teacher relationships.

The administrative staff must be commended for good work done especially during admission periods. I will encourage them to have big hearts to deal with the day to day administrative work

Challenges are everywhere but they are not insurmountable. It needs time and strategies.

Some of the school's challenges include roads or walk ways, walling the school to prevent intruders and encroachers and an administrative block. These area few.

In conclusion, as the proud Headmistress of Methodist Girls' High School, I love my work and deliver with passion and this includes my staff SRC and my dear Eastern Pearls.

I shall forever be grateful to our donors, the Board of Governors, PT.A and the school community.

Long live MEGHI5 Long live Eastern Pearls.

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